Seven Minutes With

This series goes behind the scenes of your favourite travel bloggers.

Have you ever wondered when your favourite blogger was bitten by the travel bug and what they felt at that exact moment?;  The sacrifices that they make to stay on the road?; Or where they love to eat until they almost explode?  Then you’ll find your answers here.

With so many accounts on Instagram set up by avid adventurers it’s easy to get carried away clicking through the picture-perfect images without giving much thought as to the story behind them.  We can start to idolise the image rather than the experience of travel.

It’s important not to forget that posting those photos, there is a person just like you and I, who loves to immerse themselves in culture and collect unforgettable experiences.  A picture is simply a moment captured – the tale of the photo is often the most interesting part and why we continue to explore the world.

Take a peek inside the minds of these travel bloggers:





More coming soon!