From the vibrant streets of its capital city, through the tranquil vineyards of the wine region and on to the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, Argentina is a destination on your South American trip not to be missed.

If you are short on time, then follow this itinerary to soak up the best parts of the intense wonder of Argentina.


The Fly By:


Mendoza – Arriving from Chile, the coach drive to Mendoza over the Andes is simultaneously inspiring and terrifying.  When you reach lower ground the white-tipped mountain backdrop is simply phenomenal.  This city is in the heart of Argentina’s wine country and home to the most delicious Malbec I have ever devoured, yes devoured, not sipped.  Make sure to take full advantage of your time here and book on to a bodega (winery) tour (or two) before you arrive.  Take a day to explore the leafy avenues of the city and relax in Parque General San Martin to ease your wine filled soul.  (3 night stay).


Buenos Aires – This bustling, cosmopolitan city exudes passion.  You really can watch Tango being performed by fervent couples in most squares.  Visit the neighbourhood of La Boca and soak up the colourful culture along Caminito Street then head to trendy Palermo and indulge on cocktails in eclectic restaurants or picnic in the botanical gardens.  If you are a meat lover and consider yourself somewhat a steak connoisseur then prepare to be astounded.  Visit the parrillas (steak houses) and enjoy a smoky, succulent cut of meat like nothing you have tasted before.   As cliché as it sounds, but you must attend a football match if you can – most hostels offer a group trip to local matches – the atmosphere is electric and infectious. (4 night stay).


Iguazu Falls – I get goose bumps just thinking about my visit to Iguazu Falls.  The noise, the air thick with anticipation, the complete soaking you get overlooking the Devil’s Throat (Gigantua del Diablo) and the hundreds of butterflies happy to hitch a ride on any free part of your body they can land on.  I regularly share my visit here as being one of my favourite experiences in all of my travels.  Stay nearby in the town of Puerto Iguazu and catch a local bus to the National Park home to the falls for a few peso.  Remember to take your passport and you will get an official stamp from the park.  Top tip – a dry bag or some form of waterproof cover for your phone/camera will be needed! (2 night stay).


Argentina is easily travelled by large public coaches which run all over South America.  Take a bus from Sao Paulo, Brazil or Asuncion, Paraguay to Puerto Iguazu and work westwards across Argentina to Chile.  Alternatively, flip it and travel from Santiago, Chile eastwards to Brazil.