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Seven Minutes With @thetravelynn

Seven Minutes With… @thetravelynn


With a penchant for luxury travel and flare for capturing images of interesting scenery, this Singaporean based blogger has gained a huge number of followers given her relatively new status in the blogging world.


Although a self-claimed travel addict, Lynn dreams of a day when she can live peacefully on a farm with her dogs.


I managed to track Lynn down during her recent trip to New Zealand and asked her a few questions to see what inspires her to continue travelling.


  • Where are you right now and what time is it?

I’m in Matamata right now, the home of Hobbiton and its 8am.


  • Other than your home town, where in the world would you choose to live and why?

I’m thinking of moving to Indonesia because it’s such an amazing place.  The people and the scenery are so wonderful.  I also speak Indonesian so it will be easier for me to make the move.


  • Describe your favourite travel experience.

My time in the Serengeti would certainly top my list of travel experiences.  I haven’t posted about it yet but it was certainly an experience of a lifetime!  I saw migrating wildebeest, lion cubs and elephants a-plenty!


  • At what moment did you realise that you’d caught the travel bug?

I think it would be during a trip to the Maldives in 2014.  Before that, I had travelled extensively as I was competing for the Singapore National Team but I never really got to enjoy the places we travelled to because of the training schedule.  When I travelled independently to the Maldives, I was like “hey, this isn’t so bad!”.


  • Where is your favourite place to eat?

I may be slightly biased, but Singapore is the top food destination in the world, hands down.  There are so many options to choose from!  The Hawker Fare is so cheap and good.  I’d recommend chicken rice, chilli crab, hokkien mee and a little taste of everything else.  Discovering a great dish yourself if part of the fun!


  • What do you miss the most from home whilst you are travelling?

I miss my two dogs the most! (and Singapore’s food scene).


  • What do you enjoy the most about interacting with your subscribers/social media followers?

It would be listening to different stories.  People in the travel community are always helpful and you’d be surprised what secret recommendations they can give!


  • What is your top travel tip?

My top travel tip would be to take your time and travel slowly.  Leave some room in your plans for spontaneous changes!


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