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Seven Minutes With @nafisa_habib

Seven Minutes With… @nafisa_habib

Nafisa is an inspiring travel blogger from Bangladesh.  With bright colours and an even brighter smile she encourages fellow travellers (particularly those going solo) to follow their instinct and travel in their own way.

With travel destinations such as Nepal, India and Bhutan ticked off her list, Nafisa’s Instagram feed is akin to looking at stills from a Nat Geo programme!

I got hold of Nafisa when she was at home planning her next journey and used that time to find out what inspires her to continue travelling.


  • Where are you right now and what time is it?

I’m in Dhaka, Bangladesh and its 4.37pm.


  • Other than your home town, where in the world would you choose to live and why?

Anywhere close to nature.  I love to be out of the city (but have to be wifi connected).


  • Describe your favourite travel experience.

There are many, but right now I am remembering the spectacular Annapurna sunrise moment in Pokhara, Nepal.  I was so happy, I can’t describe.  I’ve never seen such a beautiful sunrise since.


  • At what moment did you realise that you’d caught the travel bug?

I was travelling down a beautiful road and realised I could just keep going and going.  Sometimes I feel that I might not head back home again!


  • Where is your favourite place to eat?

I love to try any local street food.


  • What do you miss the most from home whilst you are travelling?

I miss my mom.  I love to with her the most and so travel a bit less than I used to.


  • What do you enjoy the most about interacting with your subscribers/social media followers?

To let them know the beautiful destinations and local culture around the world.  I love when I get told that my blog posts and videos are helpful for other travellers.


  • What is your top travel tip?

My top travel tip would be to not think or plan too much before going on a new adventure.  Just go and explore!

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