5 things I wish I knew before visiting the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Thinking of visiting the Blue Lagoon but not sure what to expect?  You can find information about the spa by heading to the Blue Lagoon website at  However, here are a few things not mentioned on the website which you ought to know before you arrive:

 1. The mixture of silica, minerals and steam from the warm water can affect your GoPro camera even if you manage not to submerge it.  Be wary of the amount of time you spend with your GoPro in the Lagoon – you can always place it down on the side away from direct steam from the Lagoon waters or take it back inside to your locker.

Make sure you wipe down your GoPro and the casing after you leave to ensure that any residual silica does not dry and leave issues with button use.

2. When you book and again when you arrive, you will be advised to take off your jewellery before entering the water as the minerals in the Lagoon can cause corrosion to metals.  If, for example, you are unable to remove your wedding ring or take out a new piercing, then unless its a high-end piece of jewellery you can expect some degree of impact.  To avoid any long term damage, thoroughly rinse your jewellery when you get out of the water.  This also goes for clothing!  I wore a brand new bikini to the Lagoon and despite rinsing it when I got out and again when I got back to our accommodation, the metal clasp at the back of the top now looks around 100 years old.  Avoid wearing particularly decorative swimwear with metallic sections!

Top tip – don’t put back on any jewellery you have taken off until you’ve showered twice to make sure all of the silica and minerals are off your skin.

3. Although great for your skin, the Lagoon waters are not great for your hair.  There is a leave in conditioner which you should use before entering the Lagoon… buuut inevitably leaves you looking like a bedraggled wet critter.  Those ideas for instagram pictures you were planning on uploading featuring your lushious flowing locks, will soon float away.

4. The facilities at the Blue Lagoon are modern and well equipped with hair driers, straighteners and huge mirrors with plenty of space to accommodate its many visitors.  You’ll look fresh as a daisy leaving the Lagoon to carry on your day’s adventures without having to carry around all of your beauty gadgets.

5. The changing rooms are large and split into around 7 sections of lockers, with around 50 lockers per section.  However, there is only one changing room per section so if you don’t like getting naked in public you’ll have to wait for the cubicle to become available.

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