Booking the best – Accommodation Mastery

As you get a little older, your body can take a little less and needs its 8 hours of recovery.  After a busy day out exploring the last thing you want is to walk into a dorm room smelling of sweaty feet to find 5 lads drinking goon from the wrapper whilst covering themselves in neon face paint.  You need a clean room, in relative quietness so you can get your beauty sleep and recharge your mojo ready for the next day.


Here are a few tips to finding a great room on a budget:


  1. If your budget is tight and you are looking to stay in a hostel, avoid staying in a dorm room with more than 4 beds.  This way, the chances are you’ll be bunking up with a couple or people travelling on their own and enjoy their own space.  You’re all in the smaller dorm room for the same reasons: you don’t want to be surrounded by lots of people; you don’t want to be woken up by people coming in and out of the room at all times of the night; and you want to socialise but in small doses and on your own terms.  Perfect.  Choosing smaller hostels over larger, more popular ones will also help with reducing the amount of noise you are likely to expose yourself to as these are often off the main roads of towns and so attract fewer groups.  If you are travelling off-season, you may even get the room to yourself!


  1. The cost of a bed or private room in a hostel is not that much cheaper (if at all) than a room in a small hotel or B&B.  As travel to other countries has become increasing accessible, so the demand for beds in hostels has increased and subsequently hostel standards have been forced to improve to keep attracting travellers.  Gone are the times of carrying your own sleeping bag and avoiding bed bugs – hostels now have swimming pools, free wifi and gourmet breakfasts.  It goes without saying that as a result, hostel prices have increased to cover these overheads.  So, for an extra few spondoolies, you could enjoy a more indulgent stay in a boutique, culture filled B&B.


  1. Airbnb has changed the game when it comes to both long and short-term travel and a platform which I use to book accommodation for the majority of my trips.  You can find very reasonably priced accommodation in great locations and get the chance to really spend time with locals, absorbing the ways they live or just take tips from them on where to explore in the neighbourhood.  You’ll find everything you need to relax and facilities to save money like cooking your own food or washing clothes.  Airbnb is especially beneficial out of the main tourist seasons! Whereas hotel prices don’t drop too low out of season, the cost of accommodation listed on Airbnb can drop significantly.  It’s worth playing with dates when looking to book to find the best options.


  1. Use the same booking provider.  Companies like give discount on accommodation for repeat customers  – it’s known as their “Genius” incentive.  When you sign up you’ll automatically start receiving offers and notice the “Genius” prices when you go to book.  The more you use to reserve accommodation, the more discount you get.


  1. Last minute websites such as and are great if you don’t mind leaving your accommodation booking until the last minute annndddd you aren’t fussy on knowing where you will actually be staying until you have booked.  Sounds a little risky and wild, but if you’re in that kind of mood you could save a small fortune and end up in a swanky 5 star hotel for the price of a 2 star.


  1. Sign up to luxury providers like Voyage Prive who give BIG discounts on luxury hotel rooms which haven’t been If you fancy treating yourself for a night (or two) then take a look at discounted luxury.


  1. Look for accommodation out of town/city centres.  More often than not, prices are based on location (not quality) and so if you don’t mind staying slightly off the beaten track you are more likely to find a great deal on impressive accommodation.  Bonuses include; being in secluded areas so you have a greater chance of seeing native animals in their natural habitat; free bike rental, perfect for late night rides on open roads back to your hotel (burning off the extra calories from those locally sourced treats); bigger rooms and a more personal service from the owners.



Photo credit: @dmitrykhvdyakov