30 After 30 – The Complete Destination Guide

Get ready to update your travel list!

It’s time splash out on a new glitzy notebook because you’ll want to add these experiences to your list and start making plans immediately.

By now you will be aware of what you like and what you don’t like in life.  Having been exposed to a variety of cultures and environments, for me; I love all things nature – animals, plants, lakes, mountains.  If there is a National Park or Conservation Area in the vicinity, then that’s where you will find me.  For you, it may be; history, architecture, cuisine, white sand beaches or snow-capped peaks.

Whatever tickles your fancy, you should always stay open to new experiences as your tastes and interests are definitely open to change as you move through life.

Chances are you’ve ticked off “experience a sunrise on a beach, date someone from another country and go sky-diving” from your bucket list.  In my latest PDF you’ll find the best places to do the things which you’ve added to your list over time and inspiration for new items to feature.

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