To Blue Lagoon, or not to Blue Lagoon

That is the question when it comes to visiting the most popular tourist spot in Iceland.


Ok, so let’s deal with the three real issues at play here:

  1. Will it be packed with tourists?
  2. Wowza! The entrance fee is pretty pricey; and
  3. It’s man-made.


Whilst many tourist spots around the world can be so over-run with tourists that viewing the actual thing you came to see can be difficult, entry to the Blue Lagoon is regulated.  You need to book in advance and when doing so you are given an hour time slot in which to arrive.  There are a limited number of entries permitted per time slot to ensure a steady pace of people entering and leaving the Lagoon so that it doesn’t become overcrowded or intolerable.  Although once you have arrived you are welcome to stay as long as you like, you will be as relaxed as you’ll ever be after around an hour and a half and ready to leave.


Whichever package you choose, the price is going to sting the average traveller.  There is no getting around this but when you consider Icelandic prices in general, the cost for this experience (once you have done it) will seem well worth it.


Yes, the Lagoon itself is man-made but the heated waters enriched with silica which run through it are not.  The Lagoon merely acts as an aesthetically pleasing way to capture this natural water so that you can fully enjoy it without having to strip off on the side of a mountain and hope your clothes don’t blow away.


I was in two-minds as to whether to visit the Blue Lagoon and I am glad that I did.  Although I’m not sure how much benefit I got from coating my face in an algae mask, the waters really do have a relaxing effect and the Lagoon itself has been tastefully constructed.  I’d definitely recommend that you book in!