You can see the Northern Lights in Wales?!

You can see the Northern Lights in Wales?!


Yes! I didn’t know this until recently either.


The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are one of the most incredible phenomenons we have the opportunity to witness – and we’re luckier than most because we have the chance to see these wonderful colours in the sky on our very own doorstep.


It’s generally known that the greatest frequency and intensity of the Lights can be seen in Scandinavia, Greenland, Alaska, Canada and Russia.  For many, these places are pretty far to travel to in the hope of experiencing the Lights.  Yet thousands make the trip abroad each year for the chance to view the spectacular sky show.


However, with increasing geomagnetic activity, it has become possible to see the Lights further south and in the UK.  Sightings in the Scottish Highlands have become more frequent and recently, one of the best viewing points has been in North Wales, particularly in Angelsey.  This is fantastic news and means that we have the opportunity to see the lights without the costs associated with long haul travel and visits to Scandinavia.


Check the local Aurora sightings websites, get the camping gear out and head North for your chance to view the Lights.