Why travel is good for your health

Many of us feel that we are the best versions of ourselves away from work and the stresses of our normal everyday lives.  But why is that? Is it simply that we are allowing our bodies to relax and recharge or is there something to travelling which enriches our well-being?

Yes, when we are on holiday or travelling the obvious thing to note is that we don’t have the stress of work, bills and time restraints.  Of course, travelling often involves visiting countries which proffer warm weather and there is no doubt that an increased intake of Vitamin D is a great fundamental biological way to improve health.  However, with more people choosing to work remotely and travel indefinitely it cannot simply be that a short break from the norm is causing the change.

People who enjoy travelling tend to be those who are keen to explore cultures, ask questions of the locals and develop relationships with others in new places.  Connecting with people and learning about the origins of a place can help boost the sense of self and bring more enjoyment from a destination.

A key part to travel is discovery.  Whether it is walking along the sun-soaked coast and discovering a hidden cafe or hiking a rugged rainforest path and discovering spectacular views; you are adventuring and being active the results of which are proven time and time again.  Often you are trying something new; a cookery class in Thailand or white water rafting in Canada.  Achieving new skills and experiences can grant new confidence in a person.

Solo travelling also enhances the feeling of self-control, doing what you want, when you want.  Another perk to travelling by yourself, is just that; being alone.  Too often we feel that we need to constantly interact or be involved.  Spending time by yourself is refreshing.

Sometimes, we are travelling to places and meeting people less fortunate than ourselves.  A small act of kindness; a conversation, a smile, a thank you can help build a positive feeling.

The most valuable part of travelling is being more aware of the present moment; your thoughts, feelings and the world around you.  I’m sure that every traveller has experienced this.  Losing track of time and days as you absorb what your present destination has to offer.

Travel certainly has good reason to improve our well-being.

It would seem that those with a perfect work:life balance are those who have found employment which allows them to continue to travel.

Have you found your perfect balance? Let me know! – I’d love to hear from you.